The Law Review has a proud history of special symposium issues on a broad range of important topics. Recent symposium issues have included:

2018 Symposium on Originalism

2017 Symposium on McCleskey v. Kemp

2016 Symposium on Democratizing Criminal Law

2016: Bridges II: The Law–STEM Alliance & Next Generation Innovation

2015 Symposium on Free Speech Foundations

2014 Symposium on Institutional Design

2013 Symposium on the Centennial of the Income Tax

2012 Symposium in Honor of Martin H. Redish

2011 Symposium in Honor of Justice John Paul Stevens

2010: “Political Science and the Law”

2009: “Maturing Internet Studies”

2008: “Original Ideas on Originalism”

2007: “Ordering State-Federal Relations Through Federal Preemption Doctrine”

2006: “Censorship and Institutional Review Boards”

2005: “The First Century: Celebrating 100 Years of Legal Scholarship”