2011: “The Legacy of Justice Stevens”

Read the articles from the symposium.

  • Diane Marie Amann’s symposium article, Justice Stevens, Originalist
  • Bill Barnhart’s symposium article, Justice Stevens and the News Media: An Exercise in Exposition
  • Alan E. Brownstein’s symposium article, Continuing the Constitutional Dialogue: A Discussion of Justice Stevens’ Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Jurisprudence
  • Steven G. Calabresi’s symposium article, The Rise and Fall of the Separation of Powers
  • Erwin Chemerinsky’s symposium article, A Fixture on a Changing Court: Justice Stevens and the Establishment Clause
  • Co-authors Lee Epstein, William M. Landes, and Judge Richard A. Posner’s symposium article, Unanimous Decisions in the Supreme Court
  • Aziz Huq’s symposium article, The Institution Matching Canon
  • Dawn Johnsen’s symposium article on Justice Stevens’ on the terrorism cases
  • Andrew M. Koppelman’s symposium article, Justice Stevens, Religious Enthusiast
  • Simon Lazarus’s symposium article, Stripping the Gears of National Government: Justice Stevens’ Stand Against Judicial Subversion of Progressive Laws and Lawmaking
  • Stefanie A. Lindquist’s symposium article, Supreme Court Prequel: Justice Stevens on the Seventh Circuit
  • Thomas W. Merrill’s symposium article, Justice Stevens and the Chevron Puzzle