2013: “100 Years Under the Income Tax”

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On April 5, 2013, the Tax Program at Northwestern and Northwestern University Law Review held a symposium on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the income tax.


Expectations: The motivation and rhetoric behind the federal income tax

  • Professor Robin Einhorn
  • Professor Erik Jensen
  • Professor Marjorie E. Kornhauser
  • Moderator: Dr. Joe Thorndike

Realities: How has the structure of the income tax evolved?

  • Professor Anuj C. Desai
  • Professor Henry Ordower
  • Professor Tracey M. Roberts
  • Moderator: Professor Robert Peroni

Complications in implementation and some unintended consequences

  • Professor Stephanie McMahon
  • Professor Brian Galle
  • Moderator: Professor David Cameron

The Past and the Future: A focus on corporate taxation

  • Professor Adam Rosenzweig
  • Professor Stephanie Hoffer
  • Professor Dale Oesterle
  • Moderator: Jeffrey Sheffield, Lecturer, NULS Tax Program and Kirkland & Ellis