2012: “Festschrift in Honor of Professor Martin H. Redish”

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On March 30, 2012, Northwestern University and the Northwestern University Law Review held a symposium celebrating the career of Professor Martin H. Redish.


The conference featured three academic panels: Federal Jurisdiction, Civil Procedure, and Constitutional Law.

The participants included:

Civil Procedure Panel:

  • Professor Richard D. Freer
  • Professor Richard Marcus
  • Professor Linda S. Mullenix
  • Professor Jay Tidmarsh
  • Moderator: Professor James Pfander

Constitutional Law Panel:

  • Professor Lawrence C. Alexander
  • Professor Corey Brettschneider
  • Professor Andrew M. Koppelman
  • Professor Eugene Volokh
  • Moderator: Professor Stephen B. Presser

Federal Jurisdiction Panel:

  • Professor Erwin Chemerinsky
  • Professor Richard H. Fallon
  • The Honorable Alex Kozinski
  • Professor William P. Marshall
  • Moderator: Steven Calabresi

Tribute Panel:

  • Mr. Matthew Arnould
  • Professor Andrew I. Gavil
  • Professor Andrea M. Matwyshyn
  • Ms. Abby M. Mollen
  • Professor Howard M. Wasserman
  • Professor Christopher S. Yoo