2018: Originalism 3.0 

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On November 2nd, 2018, the Northwestern University Law Review held an important and timely dialogue organized by leading scholar of originalism Professor John O. McGinnis. As originalist modes of argument become more common in Supreme Court opinions and argument, understanding and debating this theory of constitutional interpretation has only become more relevant. Bringing together leading figures and exciting new voices in the field of constitutional interpretation and originalism, along with prominent critics of the theory, the symposium focused on interesting and hotly debated questions within originalism as the theory moves into its next chapter.

These important questions were be presented through new papers, and accompanying comments, by:

  • Professor Bernadette Meyler, with comments from Professor John Harrison
  • Professor Steven Calabresi, with comments from Professor Jamal Greene
  • Professor Larry Solum, with comments from Professor William Ewald
  • Professor William Baude & Professor Stephen Sachs, with comments from Professor Michael Ramsey
  • Professor Thomas Colby, with comments from Professor Randy Barnett
  • Professor John McGinnis & Professor Michael Rappaport, with comments from Professor Richard Kay 

Discussions were moderated by esteemed members of the Northwestern Law Faculty.