2014: “Institutional Design and General Welfare”

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On March 22 & 23, 2014 the Northwestern University Law Review held a symposium focusing on the relationship between institutional design and the general welfare. This symposium addressed questions surrounding the scope of institutional design, and whether it can be used to further welfare goals like economic growth.


The Role of Constitutional Text in Creating Self-stabilizing Constitutions: A Tour of the Takings Clause

  • Professor Barry Weingast
  • Professor Tonja Jacobi

The Relationship between De Jure and De Facto Property Rights 

  • Professor Mila Versteeg

Optimal Abuse of Power

  • Professor Adrian Vermeule

Norms and the Enforcement of Laws

  • Professor Daron Acemoglu

In Defense of Faction

  • Professor Jide Nzelibe

Does Institutional Design Make a Difference?

  • Professor Stephen G. Calabresi