Exclusive Submissions

The Northwestern University Law Review will hold a winter exclusive cycle, accepting manuscripts from December 26, 2021 to January 9, 2022. For all Articles that are submitted by January 9 and in accordance with the instructions outlined below, the Law Review guaranteed consideration by an Articles Board editor and a final publication decision on or before February 1, 2022.

We do not accept empirical submissions during our Winter Exclusive Cycle. For information regarding empirical submissions, please see here.

The Northwestern University Law Review‘s winter exclusive cycle is currently closed for submissions.

Submission Terms

Participating authors agree to withhold the Article submitted through our Exclusive Submission Track from submission to any other publication until receiving a final decision from the Northwestern University Law Review. Participating authors further agree to accept a binding publication offer, should one be extended.

Submission Procedure

Interested authors should submit Articles to NULR via our page on Scholastica.

Submission Requirements

In addition to a complete manuscript, we ask that authors submit (1) a cover letter that includes your name, Article title, word count, phone number, and email address and (2) a CV or résumé.


Communication and publication decisions will take place via Scholastica. If you have questions about the Winter Exclusive Cycle, please contact Senior Articles Editor Regan Seckel at regan.seckel@law.northwestern.edu.