Danielle Berkowsky | February 17, 2020

The following pieces are a part of Northwestern University Law Review Online Volume 114’s “Bring Back The ‘90s” initiative, aimed at exploring the evolution of legal thinking over the past three decades. Authors who published with NULR in the 1990s were provided with an opportunity to revisit the ideas, issues, and questions in their writings, and reflect on how those notions have withstood the test of time. In an exciting dialog with their original pieces, the authors examined how their theories have evolved, stayed the same, been challenged, or are still at issue today. Links to their posts can be found below. Thank you for reading!

Susan Bitensky · Richard Booth · Steve Friedland · John Hasnas · Harold Krent · Robert Nagel · Philip Nichols · David Nimmer · Cindy Schipani · Malinda Seymore · G. Edward White