Cheating in E-Sports: A Proposal to Regulate the Growing Problem of E-Doping

Jamie Hwang | March 6, 2022

E-sports, also known as professional video gaming, is growing rapidly around the world. In the United States, e-sports events sell out at large sporting venues, including the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the Barclays Center in New York. The growth of this multibillion-dollar industry comes with a host of new legal issues. Among them is the regulation of “e-doping”: the use of hacks and cheats during e-sports games, which gives e-dopers an unfair advantage. E-doping compromises the integrity of the industry, which is vital to its continued growth, by discouraging gamers and fans from trusting the fairness of e-sports. This Note discusses a viable path toward global regulation of e-doping in e-sports by an internal governing body modeled after the organizational structure of the Union Cycliste Internationale, the worldwide governing body for cycling.