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Editorial matters should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief, Northwestern University Law Review, 375 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611. Please note that publication does not imply agreement with the ideas expressed. 

For general information about the Law Review, please contact Annie Prossnitz, Editor-in-Chief, or call (312) 503-8435.

For questions about our article submission process, please contact Elena Joffroy, Senior Articles Editor.

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The Law Review Fund

The Law Review Fund was established to mark Northwestern University Law Review's 100th anniversary. In establishing this fund, we hope to use the reflective occasion of our journal's centennial to begin strategically planning for the future.

Donations to the Law Review Fund will be used for four primary purposes: funding future live symposia; building physical and technological infrastructure; making archival Law Review content available for free in digitzed form; and organizing an annual banquet to honor each year's editorial board, staff members, and faculty advisor.

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Northwestern University Law Review Attention: Law Review Fund 357 East Chicago Ave. Chicago IL 60611.

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For more information on the Law Review Fund, please contact Hillary Chutter-Ames, Editor-in-Chief.